Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hsinchu City Free Bus Schedule

These are scanned copies of the Hsinchu Free Bus Time Schedule that I got from the Hsinchu Foreigner Assistance Center.  I will try and scan some better looking copies if I get the chance.  As you can tell I use my free bus schedule a lot.  All of these buses you can ride free of charge!

Weekdays (平日) = Monday-Friday
Weekends (假日) = Saturday, Sunday, and any government holidays

Bus 50 Weekdays:

Bus 50 Weekends:

Bus 51 Weekdays:

Bus 51 Weekends:

Bus 52 Weekdays:

Bus 52 Weekends:

Bus 53:

Bus 55 Weekday

Bus 55 Weekend

Bus 56 Weekend

Bus 71

Bus 72 & Bus 73

Bus 75 & Bus 76

Bus 77

Bus 78

Bus 79 & Bus 80

Some additional free bus routes in Chinese.  Photos courtesy of Greg HD:

Bus 2

Bus 3

Bus 60

Bus 61

Bus 62 & Bus 63

Bus 65 & Bus 66


  1. Bus 60 and 61 are the free busses we've ridden in Zhubei. I'd be happy to share the photos I took of the bus stop sign with the route. Times are approximately 20-30 min apart.

  2. Busses 1, 2 and 3 all originate in the Science Park district of Hsinchu and circulate to the northern suburb of Zhubei (Chupei).

  3. Helpful info as we just arrived...any one have bus 57...we have been winging it :)

    1. The Hsinchu Foreigner Assistance Center might have an English bus 57 schedule...if not they can look it up for you online. They are very helpful, especially for people who are new to Hsinchu.

  4. Do you have the bus no. 5 schedule?

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  7. Bus 65 arrived at mayuan instead of 08:01, but 08:22.. While we're all waiting at shed and at the same time raining.

  8. Can you send me bus route 3 map in english

  9. Hoping there is english translation for the maps and schedules. Thanks.